Growing up in Pittsburgh..

Olivia spent most of her childhood hiding in her mothers miniature store, a fantasy world filled with tiny chandeliers, floral wall paper and lingerie the size of your pinky. She would stay up all hours of the night using a sewing machine and glue gun to make miniature bedroom sets to sell. Hot glue is still the single most nostalgic sent in her life.

Finding herself right at home amongst the expansive and seemingly infinite landscape of the American West, Olivia attended Montana State University where she obtained a BFA in Film & Photography. It was there that she became entranced by the shag carpet homes of the perma 70’s town, Bozeman, helping her to develop a true understanding of era authenticity, color and design.

Her background in miniature set building, photography and filmmaking allows her to collaborate on all levels of production. From broad stroke world building to the forming of color palettes and framing, she considers every detail with passion and precision.

She is currently base in Los Angeles and is enjoying the large scale version of her childhood.